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The course will be conducted by well-known local composer/improviser Tran Thi Kim Ngoc and famous improviser/ teacher from Copenhagen conservatory Lotte Anker as well as Scandinavian leading improviser in computer music field Jakob Riis.


About Us

cropped-logo-domdom1.pngDom Dom has been created in 2012 as the first independent interdisciplinary center fully dedicated to the operation and advancement of Vietnamese experimental music and its interdisciplinary collaborations with other arts forms. The Center promotes all forms of music and art practices in providing an audience development program that aims to initiate and educate Vietnamese to experimental and contemporary art and in providing music training for young composers/musicians in order to generate a strong foundation for the Vietnamese experimental and contemporary scene. In the same time the center will provide journalism training in order to develop critics thinking and control the quality of the Vietnamese scene.

Nowadays Dom Dom works with several partners in order to maintain an high end quality education program. Soon, the center will be open in brick and mortar in order to host a theater where musicians and artists will be able to perform in a high quality environment.

Dom Dom’s Origins

OriginsThe years between 2004 and 2010 saw the birth of a new generation of alternative art spaces and foundations in Vietnam such as San Art, Zero Station, New Art Space Foundation and Nhasan Studio, helping the local contemporary art scene (more…)


TrabajoWhen people come to think about the 60’s, they usually think about social movement and reforms. Refusing the governmental authorities, Americans went on streets to protest against Vietnam war and the conservative society. Experimental and contemporary art have evolved (more…)