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The course will be conducted by well-known local composer/improviser Tran Thi Kim Ngoc and famous improviser/ teacher from Copenhagen conservatory Lotte Anker as well as Scandinavian leading improviser in computer music field Jakob Riis.


  • ·         Weekly class by Kim Ngoc starting from the 20/05/2013 – two hours/week except national holyday- last for 30 weeks.
  • ·         Workshop conducted by Lotte Anker: 20/5/2013-25/05/2013 (morning& afternoon)
  • ·         Workshop conducted Jakob Riis: 30/09/2013- 05/10/2013 (morning& afternoon)
  • ·         Conclusion concert: 06/10/2013


Improvisation music has become a radical part of contemporary music since 20century as basic skills to express, as well as fastest practical method to approach philosophy and aesthetic of our time’s art culture. With this course, we aim to:


  • Give the participants a chance to experiment with innovative methods of practicing music.
  • By improvisation practicing, input the music structure and esthetic of contemporary experimental music to the participants. Thus enhance self- reveal capacity and build-up proactive creativity and independence through developing sound -conversational skill.


All music students studying in secondary and graduation lever of music institution/ colleges; All young musicians/composers who are practicing in contemporary/ experimental music field (graduate or postgraduate degree or no degree); all young artists practicing in all other art fields but using sound as tool/mean/materials/aim to express would apply to this long time workshop.

  • Musical background and skill (would be academic or non-academic)
  • Critical mind
  • Sensitivity
  • Creativity
  • Open to dialog
  • Commitment

Application process

  •      Send the registration form (attached) with your CV (one A4-page) via email at
  •      Each entrant is required to submit a 3 minutes- recording of template work, in which he/she plays/composes under a mp3 file format (free choice of  instruments of sound and recording tool).
  •      Deadline for application: 02/05/2013, 9:00am
  •      The appointment for a personal interview will be made by phone



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