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Electronic Music Program



the class taught by the renowned professor of the Malmoe Music Academy Dr. Henrik Frisk.


Duration3 phases:

– Phase 1: from 02/04/2013 until 16/04/2013 (morning& afternoon)

– Phase 2: from 22/06/2013 until 03/07/2013 (morning& afternoon)

– Phase 3: from 22/08/2013 until 05/09/2013           (morning& afternoon)


  • ·         Get a basic understanding of the tools for EAM (software, hardware and information) and the means for its production in different genres of music. Having knowledge about the different aspects and modes of EAM
  • ·         Get a rudimentary repertoire knowledge and insight into the important stages of development in EAM. The aesthetics of EAM
  • ·         Get a basic knowledge of signal processing techniques such as filtering, modulation and frequency domain processing and synthesis.
  • ·         Knowledge about and ability to construct and play instruments for EAM. Able to perform a part in an ensemble, score based, improvised and composing.


  • ·         A rudimentary understanding of English is a plus(courses will be translated)
  • ·         A rudimentary understanding of electronic music practices
  • ·         A laptop computer to be used in the course with a working soundcard (the user has to have privileges to install software on it as software will be provided in the course)
  • ·         Good computer knowledge and preferred experience with electronic music
  • ·         Upon 15 years old
  • ·         Committed applicant (100% attending to the course)


Application process

  • ·         Send the registration form (attached) with your CV (one A4-page) via email at
  • ·         Each entrant is required to submit a 3 minutes- recording of template work, in which he/she plays/composes under mp3 file format (free choice of tool).
  • ·         Deadline for application: 23/03/2013, 9:00am

Personal interviews for selection take place on the 26th, 27th  & 28/03/2013. We‘ll call you!



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