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The course will be held by members of the Swedish Ensemble Ars Nova which is one of the leading new music ensembles in Sweden since 1986: Dr. Stefan Östersjö (guitar), Terje Thiwång (flute), Markus Falkbring (viola) and their long term Vietnamese collaborators from Vietnam Academy of Music, Nguyen Thanh Thuy (tranh- the16- string zither) and Ngo Tra My (Bau- the mono chord). 



2 phases:

  • ·         Phase 1: from 04/04/2013 until 18/04/2013 (morning& afternoon)
  • ·         Phase 2: from 22/08/2013 until 05/09/2013 (morning& afternoon)


  • ·         Get a rudimentary repertoire knowledge
  • ·         Get a rudimentary repertoire knowledge and understanding of the aesthetics of experimental music
  • ·         Get a rudimentary understanding of new kinds of notation*


  • ·         Expanded instrumental expertise and rudimentary understanding of the interaction with other musicians in contemporary music as well as with electronic media
  • ·         A rudimentary understanding of English is a plus (courses will be translated)
  • ·         A qualified level of performance on classical Western instruments or traditional instruments of Vietnam and ability to read staff notation is required. Experience in chamber music playing and of Western contemporary art music is a plus but not necessary. Ensembles can register jointly
  • ·         Age from 15-30
  • ·         Committed applicant (100% attending to the course)

Application process

  • ·         Send the registration form (attached) with your CV (one-A4 page) via email at
  • ·         Deadline for application: 23/03/2013, 9:00am
  • ·         Personal interviews for Selection take place on the 26th, 27th& 28/03/2013. We’ll call you!



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