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Dom Dom’s Origins

OriginsThe years between 2004 and 2010 saw the birth of a new generation of alternative art spaces and foundations in Vietnam such as San Art, Zero Station, New Art Space Foundation and Nhasan Studio, helping the local contemporary art scene grow faster than ever. Yet the same cannot be said about the country’s music community, as there has never been an official source of funding, support nor space for local experimental and contemporary musicians. That is why the free mind of the independent Vietnamese artist Tran Thi Kim Ngoc gave birth to Dom Dom (meaning Fire Fly). She wanted to fullfill the lack of experimental and contemporary culture and education in Vietnam. Establishing a platform for experimental music and its related creative industries therefore stands at the forefront as the Center’s founding mission and most important function.

Moreover a first pilot project called Hanoi New Music Meeting – which took place in 2009 – knew a relative success regarding the lack of initiation of the audience in this field. In fact 2,500 people attended this two intensive weeks performances and workshops including four evenings of high quality and critically acclaimed experimental music performances. Twenty artists joined the project bringing together the best experimental musicians from Vietnam and around the globe. The Hanoi New Music Meeting promoted freedom of expression in music and related artistic field, encourages musical and artistic collaboration and initiated the audience to experimental music. This first ever experimental music festival in Vietnam has helped to increase the social and media recognition as well as the will to create a new art space: Dom Dom.


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